Prostitution and sex tourism in Cancun

22 Jan

Cancun is known to many as a tourist paradise, but it also has its ever-present dark side.
Prostitution and sex tourism is a very big issue in Cancun, table dance and brothels arespread throughout the city. Many taxi drivers get exactly inexperienced tourists to these places because they get a good commission.

According to statistics from the Mexican health ministry,over 42% of women in Cancun work as prostitutes or have worked one.

Recently, the messages are piling up, that women who stay alone on the street (eg waiting for a taxi) are kipnapped.
They appearing often after several months of abuse and rape as forced prostitutes in local brothels.

Cancun has the highest density of brothels and escort agencies in Mexico!

This is a typical advertising of an escort:
Escort Melissa
Click here to see the original advertising

There traveling more singles and men’s groups to cancun to have sex there.
Mens often do drug into the drinks of  local women’s. Suggests they take them they rooms or other places where they are raped.
Prostitution is legal in Mexico.

One Response to “Prostitution and sex tourism in Cancun”

  1. Francis Leclerc June 7, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    Yes I know her, I enjoyed here 2008 at Cancun. She is really hot. Saw her two weeks ago in a Nightclub with an American Guy

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